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Ultra-Lift™ Shaping Leggings

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The #1 Bestselling Tik-Tok Leggings Featured On

The #1 Bestselling Tik-Tok Leggings of 2022

Our Ultra-Lift™ Leggings are designed to lift and shape your curves, giving you gorgeous definition. Our high waisted leggings not only hide those wobbles but make you slimmer too!

Why our Ultra-Lift™ Leggings?

Our leggings are designed to help you feel confident and beautiful in whatever outfit you decide to put on. The anti-cellulite honeycomb technology helps conceal any cellulite, while the compression fabric tones your tummy for a slimmer appearance with enhanced curves!

✓ Super soft, flexible & comfortable
✓ Designed to give you an extra butt lift

✓ Anti-cellulite honeycomb technology to conceals any cellulite
✓ High waist control design to make you look slimmer
✓ Tone-compress material to enhance your overall body curves
✓ Flexible and fits the shape of your body
✓ Ideal wear for going out, yoga, gym, or just lounging at home


Designed to Give You that Extra Lift

Tummy control wide waistband to provide a smooth secure fit. Imagine all the heads you'll turn in the gym or just walking down the street. Ideal wear for going out, yoga, gym and running or just lounging at home! It's time to show your off body and lift your confidence with this uniquely designed apparel that will make you feel amazing inside as well as outside of it!

See the Difference They Make

With over 100,000 pairs sold worldwide, our Ultra-Lift leggings will give your body that extra edge it needs with their special design features such as giving you an uplifted bum or providing some much needed support in all those right places.

What Babes Say About Us

"You're not just putting on a pair of leggings. You're telling the world you have confidence, self worth, and know your best days are ahead!" - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jennifer

Sherpa Babe's Photos

We're not only bragging about them, our customers are wearing these leggings and showing off their "new butt"!

Our Guarantee

Thousands of satisfied customers have enjoyed the amazing benefits of our Ultra-Lift™ Leggings. We're so proud to be able provide you with a full refund within 14 days after receiving your order if you are not 100% happy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 431 reviews
Sonya S.

i am so happy with tiktok leggings. I want to order more. it is good for gym, and as you can see, it really makes your booty lift up. what a great invention for women like me.

Tracy R.
Very happy will order them in various colors

this is so amazing. I was hesitant where to buy this tiktok leggings, and luckily I found sherpa. A legit store. the size is accurate, it fits me well. My booty looks cute now

Katherine E.
I am loving this tiktok leggings!

Love the fabric. Very light, good for working out. The size is accurate. My husband loves my ass! What a cool store. Definetely real tiktok leggings.

Katherine E.
my booty is here

Arrived pretty quickly and fit great!! It won't give you what you don't have, but it will enhance them. My ass looks pretty pop up here.

Andriana O.
Very cool leggings

Good, soft, stretch. The rear view is certainly cool in them. after the first training, it is still look the same. I think is very durable. What a great buy from sherpa!

Pamela K.
Got this because of tiktok videos, and they are real!

If you are between two sizes you can take the size from below so that it is close to the body. Very nice material. True to the description. Very fast delivery.